• Twerk all morning
  • Twerk all night
  • Twerk when sleeping
  • Twerk when you're dreaming
  • Twerk during breakfast
  • Twerk during dinner
  • Twerk during lunch
  • Twerk during dessert
  • Twerk in the bathroom
  • Twerk in the kitchen
  • Twerk in your bedroom
  • Twerk on Monday
  • Twerk on Tuesday
  • Twerk on Wednesday
  • Twerk on Thursday
  • Twerk on Friday
  • Twerk on Saturday
  • Don't twerk on Sunday. That's the day of the lawd. Praise Jesus ya'll.
  • Twerk while you're twerking
  • Twerk when talking
  • Twerk on the phone
  • Twerk when texting
  • Twerk while driving
  • Twerk when you're passed out
  • Twerk at the dentist
  • Twerk during a prostate exam
  • Twerk when you're at work
  • Twerk at the salon.
  • Twerk when Glee comes on
  • Twerk with yo' vacuum
  • Twerk when you werk out
  • Twerk that shit, oppa Gangnam Style
  • Twerk while you learn
  • Twerk when you get your boobs done
  • Twerk when Bad Girls Club comes on
  • Twerk at the corner store
  • Twerk in the closet, but come out
  • Twerk when Gina appears.
  • If you're having a bad day, Twerk
  • When all else fails, Twerk for your life

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